Impact Lab Good Pitch Brazil

New activity for impact campaigns & documentaries.

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DOCSP is very happy to launch a new activity in partnership with Doc Society and with the support of VideoCampThe Impact Lab Good Pitch Brazil.

The Impact Lab Good Pitch Brazil is a laboratory to develop impact distribution campaigns for feature documentaries. In this opportunity, 4 projects will be selected to work in the design of their campaigns and start a training path that will end in 2020, with the participation at the GOOD PITCH BRAZIL.

THE GOOD PITCH is worldwide networking platform for impact campaigns and documentaries, it happens over the year in different countries in 5 continents. In the Good Pitch the selected projects will present theirs films and impact campaigns for more than 100 funders and partners for the impact. In 2020 we will organize the first edition in the country: GOOD PITCH BRAZIL.


6th NOV | time to be confirmed | Impact Seminar | Theater, Unibes Cultural
7th NOV | 10.00-18.00 | Impact Lab Good Pitch Brazil | Auditorium, Unibes Cultural
8th NOV | 10.00-18.00 |Impact Lab Good Pitch Brazilo | Auditorium, Unibes Cultural
9th NOV | 10.00-18.00 |Impact Lab Good Pitch Brazil | Auditorium, Unibes Cultural

Beadie Finzi

Beadie Finzi (UK) is a founding Director of Doc Society – an innovative non-profit organisation founded in 2005 that works with the most inspiring independent documentary filmmakers all over the world.  Beyond grant making, we stand in solidarity with filmmakers and work to unite them with new friends and allies, building new models globally. In addition to executive producing a number of films, Beadie is responsible for the global Good Pitch programme and helping develop tools for the field such as the Impact Field Guide and the Doc Impact Award.

Khushboo Ranka

Khushboo Ranka (India) is the director and producer of the internationally acclaimed non-fiction political thriller, ‘An Insignificant Man’. She is also the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Memesys Culture Lab and Editor-in Chief of ElseVR. She is currently working on her second feature film, ‘Nothing but Us’- a science-fiction film that explores themes of environment, gender and fascism.


Vanessa Cuervo (Colombia) is a cultural organizer, producer, dancer & impact strategist working at the intersection of art, activism & social justice. Vanessa connects the world of human rights defenders with the spheres of art & film to promote social change. After working with DocSociety on GoodPitch New York & Miami, in 2018 she led the 1st GoodPitch Colombia. She also supports the work of Colombia’s Truth Commission, contributing to the historical narrative of the country.

Target audience for the Good Pitch Brazil Impact Lab:

4 documentaries projects interest in developing their impact distribution campaigns.

30  observers (impact producers, distributors, cultural managers and people interested  in working with impact production).


1- with a project interested in developing impact campaign to participate in the Good Pitch Brazil 2020 (May-June). Until 4 projects. 
2- As an observer. Until 30 places.



There is no limit of projects per company.
DEADLINE to submit your project until 6th October
Disclosure of results until 15th October
There is no accreditation cost for the selected projects.

Click here to apply your project.


Click here to apply as an observer
DEADLINE to submit as an observer until 6th October
Disclosure of results until 10th October
Accreditation cost: R$330,00. It includes the accredidation for the lab and for all DOCSP Seminars.