Agence France-Presse (AFP) is one of the largest image producers and suppliers in the world, with 200 production units in permanent operation in more than 150 countries. More than 4,000 customers, including television broadcasters, newspapers, magazines and audiovisual producers, use AFP’s videos and photographs to add quality to their products and services. We have a fabulous collection with thousands of hours of HD video on the most diverse themes and places on the planet, and more than 30 million photos to illustrate all kinds of audiovisual production.

Agência Dito

Dito is the result of the union of three professionals with varied experiences in a company dedicated exclusively to Audiovisual.
Since its implementation in July 2018, we have worked on promotion to make the film visible in all its stages. We provide services such as consulting on theatre screening, distribution and releasing, creation of unique actions such as screenings, special exhibitions, creation and production of special projects and projects’ management. We seek, in all our partnerships, the permanence of the film: be it in regular sessions, or in sessions and special actions directed to specific audiences.


Ambulante is a non-profit organization, founded in 2005 by Gael García Bernal, Diego Luna and Elena Fortes. It is committed to support and promote documentary film as a tool for cultural and social transformation. Ambulante brings documentaries and training programs to places where they are rarely available. Each year, Ambulante organizes an international film festival, which tours Mexico for two months with a lineup including about 130 titles from 30 countries. Currently, Ambulante is the widest- reaching documentary film festival in Mexico, and a unique exhibition space in the world.


Canal Brasil is currently responsible for most of the co-productions between TV and cinema in Brazil. The channel has co-produced 322 feature films in the last 10 years. Founded two decades ago, it produces and broadcasts a sort of movies and documentaries, directed by the most influential Brazilian filmmakers, as well as talk shows and fiction series. Diversity and freedom are the pilars of Canal Brasil.


Curta! is independent brazilian cable TV channel dedicated to arts, culture and humanities. While its focus are independent brazilian productions, Curta! also broadcasts a variety of documentaries produced worldwide. In its prime-time, five main themes explore subjects such as music, visual arts, dance, theater, architecture, film, literature, philosophy, politics and history, among others.

Cesnik, Quintino & Salinas

With offices in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasília and Los Angeles, Cesnik, Quintino and Salinas Advogados have outstanding expertise in Legal Advice aimed at planning, structuring and enabling business in areas of Culture, Media, Entertainment, Innovation, Technology, Sports and the NGOs.
The Firm combines technical knowledge with deep understanding of the national and international market to offer complete solutions and find innovative answers to the legal questions of its clients.


DocMontevideo is the documentary meeting of Latin American broadcasters. It is an event that develops more than 10 activities in the areas of Training, Market, Networking and Exhibition focused on the Latin American documentary production. Audiovisual professionals, representatives of international broadcasters and decision makers participate in DocMontevideo. The event takes place every year in late July, in the city of Montevideo. Calls for the market open in February and close on April 15.


ELO COMPANY is a production and distribution company founded in 2005 by Ruben Feffer, Flavia Feffer and Sabrina Nudeliman Wagon. Elo is one of the fastest growing companies in the country.
Internationally known as “your bridge to the Brazilian market”, ELO represents more than 200 titles sold locally and globally, including the Oscar nominee for Best Animation “O Menino e O Mundo” (licensed in more than 100 territories).


Encripta offers its customers an optimised and secure process of content licensing. Through agreements already signed with the most renowned producers and distributors of audiovisual content in the world, it is possible to offer an assortment of more than 13,000 videos for different market segments, including rental, sale, and subscription on digital platforms for Brazil and abroad.


FICG Industry is one of the main market places of cinema for its Iberoamerican cinematography industry. It represents an ideal annual place to meet professionals, from production company, directors to distribution and TV channels. It is complemented by industry activities such as master calsses, e of course, by its speciallized programs like Guadalajara Construye, DocuLab e Talents Guadalajara.



GLOBONEWS is a 24 hours news channel belonging to GRUPO GLOBO, the major Brazilian Network. It was founded in 1996 and is dedicated to hard news, programmes and one hour documentary slot per week. These documentaries are either produced internally, coproduced with Brazilian independent TV producers or even acquired from abroad..GloboNews is considered leader in audience among Brazilian news channels. It received the most prestigious prize Caboré as the best Brazilian media provider in 2017. The documentaries we produce domestically have won four medals at the New York Festival and has been nominated for the Emmy Award.


Globoplay is the largest Brazilian streaming platform with about 22 million users accessing it daily. The service brings together renowned originals, films and international series( including exclusive productions) which are only aired online. Globoplay also features productions from Globosat channels and all TV Globo programming, allowing the subscriber to access at any time and from wherever they are what is on air, what has already been aired and what will still be aired.


The International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam offers an independent and inspiring meeting place for audiences and professionals to see a diverse and high-quality program. The diverse nature of the event applies to the form and content of the films as well as to the cultural backgrounds of the filmmakers. Since 2007, the festival’s New Media program IDFA DocLab showcases the best interactive non- fiction storytelling.In addition to the festival, IDFA has developed several professional activities, contributing to the development of filmmakers and their films at all stages.

Lira Filmes

Founded in 2014 by Juliana Lira, Lira Filmes established itself as an audiovisual production company in the city of São Paulo.From Roberto Lima’s entry, the company structured a business plan focused on distribution focused on works that showed potential with specific niches. public, in partnership with producers and directors, and prospecting for works that bet on gender, cultural and regional diversity.
His first film released on the commercial circuit of theaters was Paulo Caldas’ longing “Saudade”, and the second will be Daniel Rúbio’s “The Green Is on the Other Side”, which is produced by Lira Filmes himself.


Netflix is the world’s leading internet entertainment service with over 151 million paid memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries and feature films across a wide variety of genres and languages. Members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected screen. Members can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments.

O2 Play

O2 Play, the distribution hub of O2 Filmes group (production company of Fernando Meirelles the director of the Academy Award nominees City of God). O2 Play provides a full distribution service that includes theatrical releases, national and international sales (from TV channels and VOD platforms to worldwide distributors) and has a catalogue of more than 100 titles. Among them are both O2 Filmes’ titles and local producers’ independent content. O2 Play is also an official aggregator of all main VOD platforms such as iTunes, Netflix, Google Play and Now.

Olhar Distribuição

Olhar Distribuição was born from the desire to seek the plurality of experiences, worldviews, to show the diversity that exists in our world. Each film has its own universe, full of unique colors, textures, smiles, dilemmas and cultures.
Our goal is to respect the universe of each film and cross the borders that limit fictional and real worlds and helping create other ways of looking at something or someone, surrounded by different realities, in order to raise awareness and reflection.


Pandora Filmes is an independent distribution company active in Brasil since 1989. It was responsible for revealing new names, once unknown to the Brazilian audiences, such as Wong Kar-Wai, Atom Egoyan and Agnés Jaoui.
Due to the great receptivity of the public, Pandora was able to reassure its proposal as one of the most important gateways for films that once were very hard to gain access into the Brazilian market.
Pandora also keeps in its annual catalogue national releases from prominent Brazilian directors such as Fernando Meirelles, Beto Brant, Gabriela Amaral Almeida, Helena Ignez and Petra Costa.


PROMOVERE is a distribution company based in Brazil. We licensee Brazilian contents ( fiction, docs, animation ) in all formats ( long ,shorts and series ) for all rights ( mainly TV) and represent international contents from all over the world.


SescTV is the cultural television channel of Sesc Sao Paulo that conceives the idea of television not only as a media, but as a manifestation of audiovisual art, proposing a break with the conventions of language, the improvement of the narrative and the encouragement of experimentalism.
Available 24 hours a day on the internet and on pay-tv operators, SescTV exhibits programs, concerts and documentaries in the fields of theater, music, dance, literature, cinema, visual arts and tradicional cultures, providing to the viewer access to the critical discussion of these manifestations and the acquisition of knowledge about Brazilian culture.

Sheffield Doc/Fest

Sheffield Doc/Fest is a world leading festival and marketplace, celebrating, sharing and debating the stories of our time, through documentary and non-fiction storytelling. In 2019, Doc/Fest welcomed 28,000 general public admissions, and 3,489 individual industry delegates from 59 countries to Sheffield.

Doc/Fest is a creative space for discovery, collaboration and inspiration. We champion and push forward new talent, ideas and interaction for the future of the industry. We are an open, inclusive festival, bringing together veteran creatives, new voices and our city to shape and question stories of the world we live in.


Sofa Digital is the leading VOD aggregator in Latin America, distributing content to iTunes, Google
Play, Amazon, Mubi and Netflix, and providing content to local platforms, as Now, Claro Video,
Vivo Play, Sky Play, and Cinépolis Klic. With a team of film market experts and based in São
Paulo, CDMX and Miami, Sofá is also recommended by Apple as a Preferred Aggregator and
Encoding House. To increase its marketing strategy, created Filmmelier, a promotion service
available in Brazil and Mexico.


Spafax is part of the WPP Group, the world’s largest marketing group with over 130,000+ people worldwide, across 112 countries. We are a full-service media company specializing in aviation.​ We focus on Creating, curating and ​delivering the world’s best entertainment experiences in ​the air and on the ground.


Spcine is an initiative of the São Paulo City Hall, through the City Cultural Department, in partnership with ANCINE, the national film authority. The office hosts the São Paulo Film Commission, runs incentive programs and support policies, reaching films, TV, games and digital media. Promoting national and international cooperation, boosting the expansion of production services, supplies and innovation, Spcine focuses on the development of the audiovisual industry in São Paulo and its positive impact on the cultural and social life of our citizens.


Taturana is a film distribution company with a focus on social impact. Founded in 2013, it works in both commercial and non-commercial circuits with the aim of democratizing access to cinema and boosting its potential as a tool for social impact and engagement.

_audience development
_engagement in causes addressed by the films
_expansion of cinema exhibition circuits


Videocamp is a platform that gathers social impact films, making them available for free public screenings – all it takes is to bring together five (or more) people. And what do we understand by ‘social impact films’? Those pointing out to urgent causes, portraying situations that need to be highlighted, expanding our vision on sensitive matters and that, above all, promote a fairer, more sustainable, supportive and plural world.


In ten years, Vitrine Filmes distributed more than 150 films. Among its greatest hits are “Aquarius” and “Neighboring Sounds”, “The Way He Looks”, “Frances Ha”and “A Movie Life”, by director Selton Mello.
Recent releases are “Bacurau”, winner of the Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival, directed by Kleber Mendonça Filho and Juliano Dornelles, and the winner of the Un Certain Regard also at Cannes Film Festival “The Invisible Life”, directed by Karim Ainouz.
In addition, Vitrine Filmes continues with the collective distribution project Sessão Vitrine, which throughout the year will launch day-and-date national movies.