Players 2018

Agência Dito

Dito Agência de Cinema brings together experiences of three professionals in a company dedicated exclusively to Cinema.
We mainly offer a consultancy for releasing films in Brazilian theaters (Brazilian and international titles). But we also create special projects, such as film festivals, showcases, special screenings… Mainly for educational films and projects, since Patricia brings with her over than 25 years in merging Cinema and Education in theaters (you can check more at and
Dito aims to give visibility to the film in all its phases.

Arco Audiovisual

Distribuidora Arco Audiovisual was born to contribute to the diffusion of independent Brazilian audiovisual works, mainly in the Northeast, North and Central West, with the artistic, social and communicational potential of the works as “cut-off points”. And, our motto is: movies were made to be seen!


Arte 1 offers 24 hours of content totally devoted to art. We have four weekly productions: Arte1 em Movimento, Estilo Arte1, Arte 1 Comtexto and Magazine com The New York Times. The channel also invests in documentary series that promote national independent production. The most recents titles are “Geografia da Arte”, “Work in Progress”, “Invenções da Alma” e “Artistas Plásticos Brasileiros”. Launched officially in March 2013 by Bandeirantes Group, Arte1 is available on the main Pay-TV Operators, which corresponds to over 13 million subscribers nationwide.


The Brazilian Content is an audiovisual content export program created by the Brazil Independent Audiovisual (BRAVI) in partnership with Apex-Brasil and Ministry of Culture. It has been promoting the independent audiovisual production abroad, enabling partnerships between Brazilian and foreign companies. Our goals are to promote new co-production opportunities and develop international partnerships for TV and digital media producers.


Launched in 1998, Canal Brasil is a pay tv channel, member of Globosat Group, devoted to enhance and divulge Brazilian artistic expressions through its Cinema and independent production. Conceived as a channel with a Brazilian soul and developed with the purpose of creating a new concept of television, Canal Brasil aims foremost in experimental, contemporary and cutting-edge contents, which naturally express the multiplicity and cultural richness of our people.


Curta is a channel that is entirely dedicated to the arts, philosophy and society and boasts a subscriber base of 11 million. The channel is commited to broadcast at least 12 hours daily of brazilian independent productions and also features series and international documentaries broadcasted on prestigious channels around the world.

Cesnik, Quintino & Salinas

With offices in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasília and Los Angeles, Cesnik, Quintino and Salinas Advogados have outstanding expertise in Legal Advice aimed at planning, structuring and enabling business in areas of Culture, Media, Entertainment, Innovation, Technology, Sports and the NGOs.
The Firm combines technical knowledge with deep understanding of the national and international market to offer complete solutions and find innovative answers to the legal questions of its clients.


CINEBRASiLTV brings to the general public a refined cinematographic language. The author’s view, aware of the force of the image, is who leads the critical viewer to reflect about Brazilian cultural transformations. Unique and original, our programming reports the current situation in Brazil to those who have a thirst for knowledge, empowerment and identity. Investigative documentaries bring to the viewer what the mainstream media has avoided doing. Unpublished fictional content that reflect behaviors, conflicts and human relations. Documentaries that rescue traditions from the curves of the deep Brazil. They are our lead products.


DocMontevideo is the documentary meeting of Latin American broadcasters. It is an event that develops more than 10 activities in the areas of Training, Market, Networking and Exhibition focused on the Latin American documentary production. Audiovisual professionals, representatives of international broadcasters and decision makers participate in DocMontevideo. The event takes place every year in late July, in the city of Montevideo. Calls for the market open in February and close on April 15.


Main sales agent in Brazil, with a catalogue 100% Brazilian with series and features. Responsible for the strategy and the sale of more than 100 territories of the film THE BOY AND THE WORLD, nominated for the Oscar of Best Animation in 2016, and worldwide distributor of THE SPACE IN BETWEEN – MARINA ABRAMOVIC IN BRAZIL, first Vimeo Original of Latin America. In 2018 launches two special projects: the label ELAS – promotion of feature films made by women, and PROJETA ÁS 7, in partnership with the exhibition company of Cinemark, for releases of independent films in a circuito of 20 cinemas in Brazil with 14 movies in 2018.


Encripta is a digital content distributor, service provider and technology enabler. The main focus is to offer innovative IT solutions to companies and its end-consumers. It was established in 2011 to become the leading provider of Video On Demand services in Brazil. Encripta DRM platform is approved by the Hollywood studios, such as: Warner Brothers, Paramount, Disney, Sony Pictures, NBC Universal, Fox, Globomarcas, Sony Music , Warner Music, Universal Music / EMI, among others.

Festival de Cine MiradasDoc

International Documentary Film Festival, MiradasDoc, has among its main objectives the dissemination and promotion of documentaries on social issues produced anywhere in the world, with the idea that factual film offers a direct way of understanding, observing and making visible the social processes currently taking place in human society. The Africa-Latin America Co-production Forum “AFROAMERICA LAB”. Its key objectives are to promote the development of documentaries between the two regions and to foster collaboration among its professionals .


FICG Industry is one of the main market places of cinema for its Iberoamerican cinematography industry. It represents an ideal annual place to meet professionals, from production company, directors to distribution and TV channels. It is complemented by industry activities such as master calsses, e of course, by its speciallized programs like Guadalajara Construye, DocuLab e Talents Guadalajara.



GLOBONEWS is a 24 hours news channel belonging to GRUPO GLOBO,
the major Brazilian Network.
It is dedicated to hard news, programmes and one hour documentary slot per
week. It’s leader in audience among Brazilian news channels.

Hot Docs

Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival is North America’s largest documentary festival, conference and market. Each year, the Festival presents a selection of approximately 200 cutting-edge documentaries from Canada and around the globe. Our mission is to advance and celebrate the art of documentary, and to showcase the work of and create production opportunities for documentary filmmakers.


The Uruguay’s Film and Audiovisual Institute (ICAU), in coordination with other State bodies, is the public institution in charge of designing national policies in the audiovisual sector in Uruguay. Since its foundation in 2008 it has designed its strategy working jointly with the public and private sector, combining direct and indirect domestic and international mechanisms that contribute to the development of cinema culture.

Lira Filmes

Lira Filmes is a new distributor, focused on the distribution of audiovisual works of independent production that seeks to establish a partnership relationship with the directors in search of the best diffusion solution for each work. Formed by professionals of production, communication and with experience in Ancine, our goal is to treat each launch as a specific product.


Netflix is the world’s leading internet entertainment service with over 117 million members worldwide enjoying 140 million hours of content per day, including original series, documentaries and feature films. Netflix is the world’s leading internet entertainment service with over 117 million members in over 190 countries enjoying more than 140 million hours of TV shows and movies per day, including original series, documentaries and feature films. Members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on nearly any internet-connected screen. Members can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments.

Nordeste Lab

NordesteLAB is an articulation platform that aims to stimulate the development of the audiovisual sector in the Northeast, North and Central West regions of Brazil.
Our activities are planned around 5 main lines:

1 – Emerging Connections
2 – Market Horizons
3 – Professional Exchanges
4 – (Un) places
5 – Broadcasting and Opportunities

O2 Play

O2 Play, the distribution hub of O2 Filmes group (production company of Fernando Meirelles the director of the Academy Award nominees City of God). O2 Play provides a full distribution service that includes theatrical releases, national and international sales (from TV channels and VOD platforms to worldwide distributors) and has a catalogue of more than 100 titles. Among them are both O2 Filmes’ titles and local producers’ independent content. O2 Play is also an official aggregator of all main VOD platforms such as iTunes, Netflix, Google Play and Now.

Olhar Distribuição

Olhar Distribuição was founded in partnership with the Olhar de Cinema – International Film Festival of Curitiba in consonance with its purpose of looking for films that dialogue with contemporaneity. Our aim is to respect the universe of each film, its colors, its culture, its smiles and to cross borders that limit such fictional and real worlds, and take them to other ways of looking, surrounded by different realities, in order to raise awareness and reflection. We understand that the moment is for us to look at the plurality of singular realities.


Pandora is an independent distribution company active in Brasil since 1989. It was responsible for revealing new names, once unknown to the Brazilian audiences, such as Wong Kar-Wai and Atom Egoyan. Due to the great receptivity of the public which guarantees the interest of exhibitors, Pandora Filmes was able to reassure its proposal as one of the most important gateways for films that once were very hard to gain access into the Brazilian market. Pandora also keeps in its annual catalogue national releases from prominent Brazilian directors. Most recently it released “The Second Mother” with great critic, festivals and commercial results.

Preciosa Media

Preciosa Media is focused in making alliances between the Documentary and Animation Latino producers – channels and the rest of the world; and do the same for no-latino producers and channels: to introduce them to the Latino Audiovisual Market, and open new windows at LATAM for them. We do sales & coproduction.


PROMOVERE is a noutique distributor based in Brazil, operating in distribution and licensee of brazilian contents (features, shorts,documentaries and series ) for all rights ( Free Tv and international Airlines ) and acquisition of international contents (features, animation series and docs, ready to be negotiated for all rights, specially Free TV in Brazil)

Puerto FICCI

Puerto FICCI is our forum created for people of the film and audiovisual Industries; where they can get together and exchange views and experiences. Is the place where project development strategies, academic training, distribution and exhibitions of content can be discussed. The Puerto FICCI’s schedule includes: International Producers Forum, Puerto Lab, Documentary Film Workshop, Alternative Distribution Workshop and Networking Time


International Documentary Film Festival, MiradasDoc, has among its main objectives the dissemination and promotion of documentaries on social issues produced anywhere in the world, with the idea that factual film offers a direct way of understanding, observing and making visible the social processes currently taking place in human society. The Africa-Latin America Co-production Forum “AFROAMERICA LAB”. Its key objectives are to promote the development of documentaries between the two regions and to foster collaboration among its professionals .

Sheffield Doc/Fest

Sheffield Doc/Fest is a world leading festival celebrating the art and business of documentary and non-fiction storytelling across all forms. Each year the festival welcomes over 25,000 festival goers, including around 3,500 industry delegates from 55 countries.
Doc/Fest is a creative space for discovery, debate, collaboration and inspiration. We champion and push forward new talent, ideas and interaction for the future of the industry. We are an open, inclusive festival, bringing together veteran creatives, new voices and our city to share, shape and question stories of the world we live in. What’s your story?


SOFA is a digital movie distributor, acting as iTunes preferred aggregator for Latin
America, Google Play/Youtube, NOW, Vivo and Netflix aggregator, for transactional and
subscription models and also Encoding House for those platforms. We distribute local
and international content and work to expand our distribution partners in VOD. The
company is specialized in digital content management, digital releases, pricing and sales
strategies, social media marketing, proprietary business intelligence system and online
sales reports.


Spcine is an initiative of the São Paulo City Hall, through the City Cultural Department, in partnership with ANCINE, the national film authority. The office hosts the São Paulo Film Commission, runs incentive programs and support policies, reaching films, TV, games and digital media. Promoting national and international cooperation, boosting the expansion of production services, supplies and innovation, Spcine focuses on the development of the audiovisual industry in São Paulo and its positive impact on the cultural and social life of our citizens.


Taturana is an impact distributor that takes documentaries of social, political and environmental issues to the alternative circuit of film clubs, cultural and community centers, schools and universities, organizing sessions followed by debates, deepening their penetration in society. In conjunction with this, it distributes commercially in all media worldwide. In the platform it is possible to download for non-paid public sessions films like “Building Bridges”, “Martírio” and “Elena”. There are 3k exhibitors in the network, attracting about 60k people a year.

Tënk Latino

Tënk is a video streaming platform for independent documentaries created in France and currently developping it’s latinamerican version. Its aim is to champion the genre, keep it alive and ensure that documentary films continue to be both seen and produced. Tënk also has medium-term plans to co-produce new documentaries. In today’s fast-paced information age, where the media has melded into one standardized mass bombarding us with images, creative documentaries clear a space for filmmakers to offer a personal vision, and depict a reality that is in no rush to take shape, and left open to interpretation.

The New York Times Op-Docs

The New York Times Op-Docs is the world’s premiere short documentary series, having published more than 250 short, interactive and virtual reality documentaries by independent filmmakers. Each film is produced with wide creative latitude by both renowned and emerging filmmakers, and premieres across Times online platforms. The goal of each Op-Doc is to use a creative visual approach to present a truly unique story, character, argument or point of view — and to start a conversation among our global audience.

TV Aparecida

Accordind to ANATEL, with more than 10 years of history TV APARECIDA stands out among the 14 largest television networks in nationalwide. Our programming is based on faith in religious content and offers a diverse kind of programs as cultural, educational, journalistic, sports, musical, feminine content, live broadcasts, films and cartoons, demonstrating our care on Brazilian family.


Videocamp is a platform that gathers social impact films, making them available for free public screenings – all it takes is to bring together five (or more) people. And what do we understand by ‘social impact films’? Those pointing out to urgent causes, portraying situations that need to be highlighted, expanding our vision on sensitive matters and that, above all, promote a fairer, more sustainable, supportive and plural world.