• Encontro de Coprodução - Colômbia & Brasil| Foto: Filipe Redondo

  • Conferência de Indústria - Madelaine Russo (HOT DOC) | Foto: Filipe Redondo

  • Conferência de Indústria - Luis Antonio Silveira (BRAVI) e Ricardo Cortes (Señal Colombia) | Foto : Filipe Redondo

  • Doc Lab - Marta Andreu| Foto : Filipe Redondo

  • Lab de Impacto Spcine - Martha Orozco | Foto: Filipe Redondo

  • Lab de Impacto Spcine Lab | Foto: Filipe Redondo

  • Doc Lab - Marília Rocha | Foto: Filipe Redondo

  • Conferência de Indústria: Produção de Impacto - Spcine | Martha Orozco (MX), Luana Lobo (Maria Farinha Filmes) e Renato Nery (Spcine) | Foto : Filipe Redondo

  • Mostra DOCSP - Filme "Meu Corpo é Político" de Alice Riff | Foto: Filipe Redondo

  • Mostra DOCSP - Filme "Meu Corpo é Político" de Alice Riff | Foto: Filipe Redondo

  • Premiação Pitching Lab - projeto ganhador "Carta Aberta" de Eliza Capai | Sheffield Doc/Fest - British Council e DOCSP| Foto: Filipe Redondo

  • Pitching - Sheffield Doc /Fest - British Council | Foto: Filipe Redondo

  • Premiação DOCSP | Foto: Filipe Redondo

  • Prêmios DOCSP - Mauricio Ramos(Spcine) | Foto: Filipe Redondo

  • Seminário DOCSP | Público | Foto : Filipe Redondo

  • Rough Cut Lab | Foto: Filipe Redondo

  • Rough Cut Lab - Claire Atherton | Foto: Filipe Redondo

  • Rodadas de Negócios | Foto : Filipe Redondo

  • Rodadas de Negócios | Foto: Filipe Redondo

  • Seminário DOCSP - Marta Andreu| Foto: Filipe Redondo

  • Seminário DOCSP - Claire Atherton | Foto: Filipe Redondo

  • Seminário DOCSP - Carlos Nader e Cleber Eduardo | Foto: Filipe Redondo

  • Exposição Realidades Alternadas | Foto: Filipe Redondo

  • Exposição Realidades Alternadas | Foto: Filipe Redondo

DOCSP is the International Documentary Meeting of Sao Paulo, with training&market activities and film exhibitions. A space to foster reflection on new narratives of the documentary and interactive cinema and build bridges with the market.

Open calls

Co-production Meetings

Market activities for foreign projects

Deadline: 23rd September

Speakers and Tutors 2017

  • Alice Riff

    Alice Riff, 1984, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Graduated in Cinema and Social Sciences, works as director and executive producer. Premiered her first feature documentary at Visions du Réel – Regard Neuf Competition. Among her recent films are My body […]

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  • Andrés Di Tella

    Andrés Di Tella directed Montoneros, una historia (1995), Macedonio Fernández (1995), Prohibido (1997), La televisión y yo (2002), Fotografías (2007), El país del Diablo (2008) Hachazos (2011), ¡Volveremos a las montañas! (2012), Máquina de sueños (2013), El ojo […]

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  • Andrew Blackwell

    Supervising editor of The New York Times Op-Docs. Previously, documentary editor and nonfiction author.

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  • Claire Atherton

    Claire Atherton is a film editor born in 1963 in San Francisco. She was attracted very young by taoist philosophy and visual ideograms. In 1986, she started working with Chantal Akerman on Letters Home, which triggered a 30-year […]

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  • Dorota Lech

    Dorota Lech is a Programming Associate and Documentary Conference Programmer at the Toronto International Film Festival, where she scouts international documentaries. Dorota also works at Hot Docs, North America’s largest documentary festival, where she produces The Hot Docs […]

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  • Karen Akerman

    As an editor, she has collaborated on more than 50 films. Recently, she edited The Trial, by Maria Augusta Ramos. Her work as a director has been widely recognized, with more than 30 awards. She acted as a […]

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  • Marilia Rocha

    Marilia Rocha directed the films Aboio (2005), Best Film at It’s All True Festival, Acácio (2008), Like Water Through Stone (2009), Best Film at São Paulo Latin America Film Festival and Where I Grow Old (2016), Best Film, […]

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  • Ricardo Cortés

    Head of Commissioning Editors in Señal Colombia. Film and television director from Universidad Nacional de Colombia, with 12 years of professional experience in creating, directing, editing, supervising and evaluating television and interactive projects. For four and a half […]

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Players 2018

  • ARTE1

    The Arte1 is the first Brazilian channel with a programming entirely dedicated to art and culture. Dance, classical and brazilian popular music, film, visual arts, literature, theater, opera: It is 24 hours in the air with a specially […]

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    The Brazilian Content is an audiovisual content export program created by the Brazil Independent Audiovisual (BRAVI) in partnership with Apex-Brasil and Ministry of Culture. It has been promoting the independent audiovisual production abroad, enabling partnerships between Brazilian and […]

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    The Canal Brasil focuses on Brazilian cinema, music, drama, humor and culture. The channel features films, documentaries, interviews, concerts, jam sessions, series and programs, all with full domestic content. Films occupy approximately 75% of the channel’s schedule. Since […]

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    Curta is a channel that is entirely dedicated to the arts, philosophy and society and boasts a subscriber base of 11 million. The channel is commited to broadcast at least 12 hours daily of brazilian independent productions and […]

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    CINEBRASiLTV brings to the general public a refined cinematographic language. It is the author’s eye that leads the critical viewer to reflect on Brazilian cultural transformations. Investigative documentaries, which bring to the viewer what the mainstream media has […]

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  • DocMontevideo

    DocMontevideo is the documentary meeting of Latin American broadcasters. It is an event that develops more than 10 activities in the areas of Training, Market, Networking and Exhibition focused on the Latin American documentary production. Audiovisual professionals, representatives […]

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    Main sales agent in Brazil, with a catalogue 100% Brazilian with series and features. Responsible for the strategy and the sale of more than 100 territories of the film THE BOY AND THE WORLD, nominated for the Oscar […]

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    Encripta is a Brazilian company providing (i) digital content aggregation services; (ii) digital content processing services; (iii) digital content licensing/distribution services and (iv) OTT digital platform development (technology).

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    Globo Filmes has participated in more than 200 films since 1998, taking the public to see the best of Brazilian cinema. With a mission to contribute to the strengthening of the national audiovisual industry, its filmography includes various […]

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    GLOBONEWS is a 24 hours news channel belonging to GRUPO GLOBO, the major Brazilian Network. It is dedicated to hard news, programmes and one hour documentary slot per week. It’s leader in audience among Brazilian news channels.

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  • Hot Docs

    Hot Docs, North America’s largest documentary festival, offers an outstanding selection of over 200 films from Canada and around the world to Toronto audiences of more than 200,000. Hot Docs also has documentary market, with programs such as […]

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  • O2 Play

    O2 Play, the distribution hub of O2 Filmes group (production company of Fernando Meirelles the director of the Academy Award nominees City of God). O2 Play provides a full distribution service that includes theatrical releases, national and international sales (from TV channels and […]

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    PROMOVERE is a Boutique Distributor based in Brazil, operating in Distribution and Licensee of Brazilian contents(features, shorts,docs and series ) and Acquisition of international contents (features,animation series and docs, ready to be negotiated for TV in Brazil) CEO […]

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  • Sheffield Doc/Fest

    Sheffield Doc/Fest is a world leading festival celebrating the art and business of documentary and non-fiction storytelling across all forms. Each year the festival welcomes over 25,000 festival goers, including around 3,500 industry delegates from 55 countries. Doc/Fest […]

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    SOFA is a digital movie distributor, acting as iTunes preferred aggregator for Latin America, Google Play/Youtube, NOW, Vivo and Netflix aggregator, for transactional and subscription models and also Encoding House for those platforms. We distribute local and international […]

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  • Spcine

    Spcine is an initiative of the São Paulo City Hall, through the City Cultural Department, in partnership with ANCINE, the national film authority. The office hosts the São Paulo Film Commission, runs incentive programs and support policies, reaching […]

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  • The New York Times Op-Docs

    The New York Times Op-Docs is the world’s premiere short documentary series, having published more than 250 short, interactive and virtual reality documentaries by independent filmmakers. Each film is produced with wide creative latitude by both renowned and […]

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  • Videocamp

    Videocamp is a platform that gathers social impact films, making them available for free public screenings – all it takes is to bring together five (or more) people. And what do we understand by ‘social impact films’? Those […]

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