Coproduction Meetings

The Coproduction Meetings is an specific program of DOCSP for foreign projects that are looking for partnerships in Brazil.

coproduction meetings program

The participation of this activity will permit international projects to have meetings with representatives of the Brazilian Audiovisual Industry to understand the local environment and the possibilities to coproduce with Brazil.

november 5th|10:00-13:30 | ONE TO MANY

Brazilian and international players introduce their profiles and the way they work with independent producers. Activity in english and portuguese without translation.

november 5th|14:30-18:00 | INTRODUction to brazilian market

Producers selected in this call will have an introduction to Brazilian financial models, prerequisites to develop a coproduction with Brazil, and current market outlook.

november 6th|10:00-13:30 | one on one meetings

Exclusive meetings will be arranged between the representative of the selected project and the representatives of TV channels, festivals and markets.

november 6th|14:30-18:00 | coproduction meeting

International producers will have individual meetings with Brazilian producers to share their experiences to produce in its country.


Unibes Cultural: Rua Oscar Freire, 2500, São Paulo


This call is only for international documentary projects.

Apply here until September 23rd for:

You should read the Rules to fill the open call.

Click here to fill the International Call Form for Coproduction Meetings of DOCSP 2018 for feature projects. You can use this Question Guide to prepare the materials to fill the form.

Click here to fill the International Call Form for Coproduction Meetings of DOCSP 2018 for series projects.You can use this Question Guide  to prepare the materials to fill the form.

In case of being selected, there will be a fee of R$200 per project to participate at one on one meetings and international coproduction meetings.

The payment will be made online via sympla. The organization of DOCSP will give the link to access when they communicate the result.